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I don’t think everyone appreciates the friendship Chandler and Rachel has. They have this platonic relationship (not including the ‘instances’ before they became friends, i.e. TOW the Flashback and TOW the Stripper Cries) and they don’t show much affection towards each other but when they do, you’d see how much they care for each other and how much they click together. Their friendship is not cheesy but theirs is with love. Just look at TOW the Two Parties when Chandler hugged Rachel and then he made way when Ross came. Of course, there’s TOW All the Cheesecakes as well, no explanation needed. I mean, there are lots of moments where you can really see how great their friendship is. For me, theirs is one of the subtle but most endearing reasons why FRIENDS make our hearts ache after all these years. I ship this friendship.

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